digital twin of an entire oil-field

By connecting enterprize information and real-time sensor signals to VCOG's virtual reality environment, it becomes a singular gateway to information and a lifecycle digital twin of the entire oil-field.


VCOG enable users to see multiple data-sets in one singular display. The backdrop of this common operating picture is a dynamic virtual reality environment that provide users with instant understanding of asset integrity and physical locations.


extracting full value of existing investments

Available engineering models are direcly imported into VCOG and presented in a user-friendly interactive 3D environment that anybody can relate to.


Together with field experts we have designed Fit-For-Purpose visuals that that are deeply integrated with every day operations and bring intuitive meaning to critical data.

for the entire asset community

VCOG is delivered as a turn-key site license software available for everybody involved with an oilfield, including operators onshore and offshore teams, contractors and suppliers. 

accessable though the cloud

VCOG supports cloud computing for entire asset communities and is ready for full-scale distribution to any device.


COGs are plug-ins to the VCOG platform that are deeply integrated with specific business operations and supports the interplay between enterprize data and workflows with Fit-For-Purpose visuals. The outcome is better spatial awareness and understanding of asset integrity for the whole asset community.  

Unlocks the human potential

The eye is the highway to the brain, and VCOG visualise operations in a way everybody can relate to.